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All You Need to Know About Solar Powered Street Light

Are you wondering how solar light works? There was a time when people believed that using the sun for powering light is not possible. With the advancement of technology, solar panels are being used widely all over the world. You can see solar panels on the roof of many houses and buildings. Nowadays, you can see solar panel street lights in many cities.

The use of a solar panel for street light is a good option as it perfect for living sustainably. Additionally, solar powered lights don’t require a lot of maintenance, they are easy to install, and is a renewable source of energy. All these things make solar-powered street lights an ideal way to replace traditional lighting solutions.

Here is everything you need to know about solar lights.

What is Solar Powered Street Lights?

Solar powered street light provides you energy using the principle of the solar cell. These cells are capable of changing the solar energy into electrical energy. The power of the light is stored in the battery. Then, the light uses the power from the battery to provide light. This is a great lighting solution that eliminates the need for wiring.

How Does It Work?

Solar powered lights are a wonderful invention for living sustainably. There are four components of the solar lights; a battery, solar panel, control electronics, and light fixture. The solar panel system is placed on the top of the pole under direct sunlight. Then, the power system is attached to the battery.

These batteries of the panel are charged during the day so they can provide power at night. The photons produced by the sun rays are accumulated in the silicon cells. These will stimulate the electrons and are collected through the wiring of the solar panel and moved to the battery for storing it.

With the help of the control electronics, the panel will determine when it is nighttime. It is determined by recording a reduction in the production of power. When the system notices this change, instead of storing the power and switches on the street light. The light then uses the battery to produce energy for the light.

When the system notices the battery is too low, the light is then switched off. The light will be turned off even when the control electronics notices power production.

Therefore, what was once a dream is now a reality. Using the energy of the sun for producing is electrical energy is possible all because of science. One of the top reasons for using solar-powered street lights is that it will work even if there is a blackout. Solar powered- street lights can work well in all conditions even in winters and hurricanes. There are many solar powered products available on the market, like a solar-powered calculator. The working of all these products is similar. Hence, the solar-powered light is the perfect lighting solution as it doesn’t require any energy from the grid power.

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