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How to Install Solar Street Light?

If you are considering to install a solar street light in your area, then it is a smart decision. These lights have multiple advantages. One of the biggest benefits of solar street lights is these are supportive of a healthy environment. We all need to reduce our carbon footprint and installing solar-powered street lights is a good contribution to this cause.

Other advantages of solar street lights include the following:

  • These lights have no connection to the main electrical power grids. This will reduce the operational costs required to run the lighting system of a town
  • Solar-powered lights save electricity by getting charged through the natural heat energy of the sun
  • The lights required little maintenance as compared to regular lights
  • These are less prone to overheating
  • Such lights are more convenient for being carried to remote areas where light solutions are required

Installing Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are not easy to install. It is a complicated process, which also includes multiple parts. It is highly recommended to hire professional technicians for this purpose. It is better to hire those specializing in solar lights. Here is a brief description of the installation process:

  • Confirm you have all parts of the solar light. These include the solar panel, solar bracket, light fixture, lamp pole, access panel, flange, basis cage, battery, battery box, and controller
  • The ground chosen for installation should be flat and leveled. The basis cage needs to be installed into the ground using four screws. This will serve as the foundation of light
  • Next install the battery underground next to the basis cage. It should be 60mm under. You will have to follow the given instructions to complete the battery circuit
  • A supporting bench will be required to install the lamp pole. This will lift the pole 1m off the ground
  • The solar bracket goes at the top of the lamp pole. The solar panel will be placed in the bracket with bolts. Again, follow the instructions to connect the solar panel to the battery, controller, and street light
  • An LED bulb is installed inside the holder of the light fixture. Follow the instructions to connect the fixture to the controller. Secure the fixture to the lamp pole
  • At this point, check that all the connections and installations are correct
  • With the help of a crane, you will have to erect the lamp pole. Once the lamp pole is upright, you have to secure the bottom plate with bolts
  • The controller should be placed inside the lamp pole. Ensure that it has all the right wires and leads connected to it
  • Check if the installed solar street light is working like it should

It is important to remind that this process can be difficult as well as dangerous. Consult professional solar light technicians to complete the job. They have sufficient knowledge on how to safely handle the solar panel and make the installation process efficient. Also, consider buying solar street lights from reliable brands.

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