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Difference between LED street lights and high pressure sodium street lights

For street lamps, its light source has attracted people’s attention. Some people will be confused about the light emitted by LED street lamps and sodium lamps. So, for high-pressure sodium lamps and LED street lamps, what is the difference between their night lighting effects? Today, let me explain difference between LED street lights and high pressure sodium street lights for you.

The light emitted by high pressure sodium lamp is yellow, the color rendering performance is relatively poor; the light emitted by LED lamp is white , the color rendering performance is good, the lighting characteristics are obviously different; the high pressure sodium lamp has a yellow light color, the color temperature and the rendering index are relatively low, the natural solar light rendering index is 100, the high pressure sodium lamp rendering index is only about 20, and for LED lighting, its color temperature is flexible between 4000-7000K, the rendering index can reach more than 80, LED lighting color is close to natural light.

The utilization rate of the high-pressure sodium lamp is only about 40%, and the angle of illumination of the lighting fixture is 360┬░, most of high pressure sodium light must be reflected by the reflector to reach the designated area. LED street light fixtures have high utilization rate of light source, about 90% LED diode illumination angle can be consistent with the illumination angle of the light fixture, so most of the light of the led light fixture can directly illuminate the designated area, and only a small part of lights needs reflection.

The high-pressure sodium lamp bulb should be activated for a long time, and it takes about 5-10 minutes to reach the normal brightness. The time interval between restarts is generally greater than 5 minutes. There is no startup delay problem in LED street light fixtures, which can be connected at any time and work at any time, so it can realize energy-saving control conveniently. The sodium lamp has a large temperature difference when the lamp is on and the lamp is off. If the lamp body does not have a respiratory system, the reflector is easily corroded by harmful gases and generates a large light loss, and the LED street lamp does not need to be equipped with a respiratory system.

For LED light sources, its advantages are obvious for outdoor lighting, the popularity of LED street lights is higher than that of traditional street lamps. Its economic value and social value are relatively large.

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