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LED Lights: The Future of Sports Stadiums Courts

In the current era of technological development, we can see new innovations around the globe every passing day.  LED lights are bringing revolution in the field of lightning. These lights are 80% more efficient than conventional lighting. LED lights are converting maximum energy in light but only 5% can b wasted as heat. The usage of LED lights is also very much beneficial for environment as it is reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. We all are accounted for the climate change in our regions and it is our responsibility in controlling this.

LED lights are providing a complete solution of lighting for all the sports like Baseball stadiums, Tennis arenas, basketball courts, Football stadiums, Cricket stadiums etc. Presently, LED lights are taking place in different stadiums around the globe. These lights are facilitating everyone in the stadium from athletes to the viewers. In 2015, the national football league made history by illuminating the whole stadium by installing LED lights. There were 780 Halide lights that were previously installed and afterwards replaced by 312 LED lighting.


We all know that you need a large number of lights for lighting big sports stadiums. The most attractive point in preferring LED lights over the conventional fluorescent lights is reduction in cost. By installing you will need less number of lights as compared to fluorescent lights. The LED lights have more lifetime than the traditional lights. By having comparative advantage of LED lights with fluorescent lights in every way LED light are reducing your costs. LEDLUCKY Lighting is a place where you can find all type of LED lights at cheaper rates and having incomparable quality.

Better Life Span

As we know that LED lights have longer span of life, this will automatically decrease the carbon emissions. Due to longer life span you are not required to replace the lights at perpetual basis. This will minimize your workload and this additive advantage will also give minimum interruptions in the sports arenas. These lights generally last up to six times longer than any other type of light.

Environment Effective

Fluorescent lights are using mercury in its manufacturing which is very much dangerous for the environment. Mercury will contaminate our environment when we will dispose it off in landfill. The whole world is working mutually for reducing the emission of carbon in air. LEDLUCKY Lighting is also supporting the cause of climate change by motivating you to install LED lights in your premises. Usually large stadiums need an ample number of lights for lighting effectively the arenas and stadiums. By using LED lights they can contribute a lot in saving the ecosystem of this world.

Modern Stadium Friendly Designs

The evolutionary models of LED lights which are available in sleek designs and consisting of a size which will not occupy enough space. These and many other specifications will be an additive advantage to the beauty of stadiums.

You can find all the specification mentioned above in our stock at comparatively smart prices with amazing quality. LEDLUCKY Lighting will feel pleasure to answer your queries.

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